Unity game engine

We have started using a new game engine, Unity and have decided to do a small project to get our barrings before jumping back into a larger project.

IT HEro:
In IT Hero you play as a IT tech working your way up through the ranks to become the CTO. You will learn real world troubleshooting skills, that you will be able to use at home and around the office!

(PC, MAC, Linux).

More information to come, with screenshots!




So, I sat, and I sat and I couldn't figure out why the work was never getting done on Lost in Service, and I finally figured out that we just shouldn't be making anything but an FPS. First Person Shooters are my passion, and it's the only game-style that I really feel at home in. As soon as I realized this, worked started again, and I was instantly motivated to get the game going. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I am going to heavily modify (or Mod) the UDK game engine which has the power to push the graphics and the gameplay of a game we all want to play.

Orangaized Crime: 1920s:
Organzied Crime: 1920s put you in the shoes of a bootlegger who is brewing beer during prohabition during the 1920 teaming up with a mod family for protection from other mobs, and hte FBI.

(PC, MAC).

More information to come, with screenshots!



NEW Website

It's a rainy day in California, and I have decided I would use this time to actually put up a real website instead of an annoying splash page - place holder like we had before. I also wanted to stop using word press templates like I always used in the past and get back to my html roots.

Hope you enjoy the early build of this website, and we look forward to seeing you back to check out our new game project announcement.